Loving our neighbor on World Refugee Day

by NCF staff  |  June 20, 2018  |  Type: Insights

Today is World Refugee Day, and for some, this may not be anything special. But for many of the givers, ministries, and churches that we serve at NCF, World Refugee Day is an important tool to help raise awareness for one of the most troubling issues of our time.

Did you know that there are more than 60 million refugee and asylum-seekers fleeing violence, natural disasters, and unspeakable atrocities all over the globe? In places like Myanmar, Syria, El Salvador, Iraq, and South Sudan, there are thousands of orphaned children, displaced families, and vulnerable people fleeing or warehoused without hope.

Though we face a refugee crisis of unprecedented scale, we believe that God is greater still. And sometimes, solving a giant global problem means starting with something simple … in your heart, in your home, and at your table. That’s why we love this idea from our friends at Preemptive Love, a coalition working on the frontlines in Iraq and Syria to unmake violence in this part of the world.

With their help, you can Eat Like Syria for World Refugee Day, and step into the shoes of some of your refugee brothers and sisters by sharing a Syrian-inspired meal with your friends and family. Even if you don’t have time to make arrangements to celebrate tonight, you can use these resources to Eat Like Syria any day. To understand more about this endeavor, you can read their in-depth, three-part series.

Whatever you do, please remember to pray for vulnerable refugees everywhere, and our ministry friends who work so fearlessly to bring hope into desperate circumstances all over the world day after day. And don’t forget to offer a special word of encouragement to anyone who makes refugees part of God’s vision to reach and restore every single person through the love of Christ.

Preemptive Love is a coalition committed to rebuilding refugee lives on the front lines of conflict and disaster. For over a decade they have been reaching people in Syria, Iraq, and the United States with food, water, medical care, jobs, income, and hope. They generously provided the photo above.

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