How we serve ministries and nonprofits

We serve to encourage and equip your ministry or non-profit to capture stewardship opportunities, strengthen donor relationships and to enhance and increase the generosity and giving of your donors

Helping you encourage donors in their stewardship – joining with you and your team to design customized presentations and illustrations for use in your donor conversations and meetings and we are available to meet together with a family, business or donor prospects as needed

Helping donors mobilize resources for impact – helping you explore and communicate the latest trends and opportunities in Kingdom stewardship, generosity and charitable giving, such as:

Non-Cash giving - using non-cash assets, such as land, real estate and private business interests, that may provide greater giving impact and tax savings in addition to cash giving

Donor-Advised Fund (NCF Giving Fund) – providing Giving Funds to build a platform for family charitable planning, goal setting and tracking, focused impact, family involvement, online and mobile tools, along with administrative ease in your donors’ support of your organization, along with many other charitable planning ideas

Coaching – consulting with you around opportunities to add enhanced conversations into your donor process and conversations for building donor client relationships through stewardship and generosity

Personal donor meetings – a one-on-one conversation with individuals, couples or business, designed to enhance their journey of stewardship, in and through, family, business and community and creating deliverables to your donors to assist you and your team in your service to them

“Lunch & Learn” – tailored content for development team and board education in a casual setting

Journey of Generosity Experience (JOG) – a 22-hour overnight experience for you and a group of 6-8 donor couples exploring financial stewardship and biblical generosity. We also have a JOG “Event” Experience which has less formatted content to allow time for a relationship building outing for you and your donors – popular options include golf, sporting clays, fishing, hunting, theater, etc.

Facilitate Family Donor Meetings – creating custom agendas and content to accompany you for family meetings to discuss various related topics - Legacy, Stewardship, Biblical Generosity, etc.

Technical & Interpersonal support - from our national and regional tax, legal and planning experts to assist in advanced planning and uniquely assisting in communicating through individual, family and generational Kingdom conversations.

Speaking - at your local, regional or national meetings on many topics around generosity, giving trends, leadership and financial stewardship and providing accompanying programs and materials for breakout” sessions - (CE and/or CLE may be available)

Online resources – please visit us at to see our videos, blog, concept summaries and more, to make it easy to share about generosity to you and your donors!

Multiply your impact
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