How we serve families

We serve to encourage and equip families in their stewardship journey and provide guidance to enhance their generosity and charitable giving in coordination with their objectives

Like many families we serve, you may desire to - EXPLORE stewardship opportunities - INCREASE giving and decrease taxes - DISCOVER new ways to give - GROW in your faith - SHARE through family giving - LIVE a family legacy of generosity & impact - ENHANCE support to the ministries and charities you love – and WORSHIP through giving - so we begin with a simple conversation designed to get to know each other and enhance your journey of stewardship, in and through, family, business and community.

We hope to ‘encourage Kingdom stewardship’ – explore areas of Kingdom stewardship and the unique opportunities that are available to you and your family.

We want to help you ‘mobilize Kingdom resources’ – our families give to ministry, churches, education, culture, environment, poverty, justice, and many other areas via the latest trends in family generosity, charitable giving, and tax saving opportunities, such as:

Non-Cash giving - using non-cash assets, such as land, real estate and private business interests, that may provide greater giving impact and tax savings in addition to cash giving

Donor-Advised Fund (NCF Giving Fund) – using Giving Funds and our related online and mobile tools, you can build a platform for family charitable planning, goal setting and tracking, focused impact, family involvement, along with administrative ease and record-keeping and many other charitable planning and stewardship ideas

Work with your advisors on your journey – joining in with your advisors to enhance your journey of stewardship and assist in the design and creation of plans to meet your objectives

Plan, or join us for, a Journey of Generosity Experience (JOG) – a 22-hour overnight experience for you and a group of 6-8 couples (or your good friends that you convene) exploring financial stewardship and biblical generosity. We sometimes create a customized JOG “Event” Experience which has less teaching content to allow time for a relationship strengthening outing such as golf, sporting clays, fishing, hunting, theater, etc.

Help you plan and facilitate family meetings – we can create custom topics and agendas for your family meetings and discussions - Legacy, Stewardship, Biblical Generosity, etc.

Provide technical support - for you and your advisor team from our national and regional tax, legal and planning experts to assist in advanced planning and strategic generosity

Please think of us for speaking engagements - we can speak at your church, community events, and business meetings on many topics around generosity, giving trends, financial stewardship and leadership

Take a look at our unique online resources – please visit us to see our videos, blog, concept summaries and more at and please share!

Multiply your impact
What do you do when you are facing a financial opportunity that could change your life? Do you walk by faith or fear? Learn how NCF helped two software engineers leverage a major liquidity event to have greater giving impact than they ever imagined ... read more
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